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CD "I'm Not Yours" 

(MAYBEE 010)



Chino Shuichi

Marie Takahashi

Hui-Chun Lin


"...., their improvisations are very solid, rich and vibrant. Every gesture and movement is to the point. Fascinating! ...." from Vital Weekly, Netherlands.


CD Buratino / БУРАТИНО  (MAYBEE 011)



"...., These improvisations concentrate on textural aspects, investigating 
qualities of sound. The musicians involved here have no problem with this playground and interact in inspired sonic communication.  ...." from Vital Weekly, Netherlands.


Maybee Reocrds, a Berlin-based music label by Hui-Chun Lin and Shuichi Chino, we are improvised musicians, performers, interese all kind of music which with live acoustic impro. music. We try to support authentic improvised music and you are welcome to join us: be our fans, having our music albums, be one part of us.


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