Maybee Records
Maybee Records

Guido Kohn

Gábor Hartyàni

Christoph Schwantke

Guilherme Rodrigues

Elo Masing

Caroline Cecilia Tallone

Ame Zek

Ernesto Rodrigues

Marie Takahashi

Tommaso Vespo

Hui-Chun Lin

Shuichi Chino

Davide Piersanti 

Max Loeb Garcia

Peter Kuhnsch

Masahiko Ueji

Pei-Ju Lien

Mirisam Siebenstädt

Martin Braun

Klaus Kürvers

Ulf Mengersen

Sergio Castrillón



Maybee Reocrds, a Berlin-based music label by Hui-Chun Lin and Shuichi Chino, we are improvised musicians, performers, interese all kind of music which with live acoustic impro. music. We try to support authentic improvised music and you are welcome to join us: be our fans, having our music albums, be one part of us.


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